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67th Independence Day Celebrations at Jaipuria, Jaipur

Not just speeches but getting inspired from people who are making a difference.

15thAugust, 1947 marked the beginning of a new era, the age of independence, and this month we celebrated our 67th year of freedom from foreign rule. As our Director, Dr. Prabhat Pankaj said, today’s youth are on the verge of forgetting the true meaning of struggle, which brought us our democracy. He gave us a quick look back at the many battles fought in those days of savage colonisation.

Standing in the audience, I learned at an emotional and intellectual level about the cost paid for being an independent citizen. All of us stood with renewed zeal and vigour when the tricolour was hoisted a short while later. At the start of the Independence Day celebrations, we entered the auditorium expecting philosophy slew of tediously long speeches but to our surprise, there was something new in store. We were introduced to a new world of caring through an NGO called CRY-Child Rights and You. We had the chance to interact with Ms.Bharti, a corporate lawyer by profession and a very involved volunteer with CRY. Based in Jaipur at present, she is devoting her time to advocating for the Right to Education for all children. She talked to us about the altruism of the founders, who heard the cry of children in need and worked to protect their basic human rights. Her dedication to the cause was clearly visible during her speech, as she encouraged us to stand up and work towards a better future of our motherland. She asked to recognise the dire need that many of our brothers and sisters were in.

After this moving and impactful session, our student performers enthralled the audience with the sheer beauty of their performance. The dance acts and desh bhakti songs sung with great passion created a new aura of patriotism in the auditorium. There was a mime act, which gave a silent portrayal of the true meaning of freedom. The programme ended with our silent prayers and humble words of thanks for all the courageous souls who gave their lives for the freedom we celebrate today.

Happy Independence Day to all.
Prerana Jhawar and Priyamvada Shanker
PGDM – 2013-15

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