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5 Skills you need to clear any Group Discussion and Personal Interview

5 Skills you need to clear any Group Discussion and Personal Interview

The real purpose of holding group discussions (GD) and Personal Interviews (PI) in the MBA admissions round at leading MBA colleges is to test applicants’ “communication skills, knowledge of topics, thought process and leadership impact on the audience in order to complete their list of accomplishments and offer admission. Anyone who has good communication skills and knowledge of current events and believes that these skills are sufficient to pass a group discussion is wrong because there are a few other things that are needed to crack GD. Before dealing with the most important group discussions (GD) Tips and expert advice, it should be clear to you that if your communication skills are good and your behavior in the discussion is positive and consistent, then you are prepared to show your leadership skills to the group without being arrogant.

Group discussions test the knowledge, communication skills, and coherent flow of thought necessary for a candidate to lead on current issues. A healthy debate leads to the selection of one or more candidates from the group on a particular subject in a group discussions (GD) round. The discussion helps the group to make a specific decision or come to a conclusion.

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Find below 5 Skills you need to clear any Group Discussion and Personal Interview

Lead the discussion

Your contribution to the discussion is the way you communicate with others, define your role in the group, and influence how others see you. By initiating a discussion, you can get the attention of the crowd without being judged. A discussion gives you the opportunity to hear the thoughts and ideas of other students.

Having a discussion is an essential skill for a well-rounded speaker. To this end, it is important to take into account the characteristics of effective discussion conditions that promote interaction and engagement in small groups.

Relevance is the key

Give structure to your ideas and listen, bring the group together when they stray, give a new dimension to the topic, build someone who takes a different point of view, and give credit to other participants. Allow the participants to introduce themselves, whether you set up an icebreaker or have two students introduce you. Discussions are a powerful mechanism for active learning, and facilitating discussions allows participants to explore new ideas and recognize the value of others’ contributions.

5 Skills to crack Group Discussion and Personal Interview

Active Listening

A good listener has greater chance of winning over others. Just speaking throughout the discussion doesn’t make you better. Listening Skills are Essential for the group discussions (GD) round, so carefully listen to what others have to say. You should learn to give others a chance to speak. If the speaker is making an eye-contact with you remember to acknowledge him by nodding your head, so that the speaker is aware that his listeners are listening to him and paying full attention. This will also show that you are vigilant and are an active participant in the discussion. Unless you listen well, it will not be possible for you to add value to your content and communication.

Listening offers you the opportunity to summarize the Group Discussion on each and every aspect.

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Good communication skills

It is a must. Improve your communication skills, the better you are in them the easier it will be to make yourself clear and to score well in this round.

Body gestures

Remember, it is not just the mouth, it is your body gestures that when in sync with speech, make others understand what you are trying to say. The panelists observe the way you sit and react in the course of the discussion. Body gestures are very important because your body language says a lot about you. In a GD, sit straight, and avoid leaning back on the chair or knocking on the table with a pen or your fingers.

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