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5 cool things to expect when at Jaipuria Institute of Management

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Life for a Jaipurian is anything but not boring. In fact, the majority of the Jaipuria Institute of Management PGDM students claim their life on campus to be an “insanely interesting affair!” Be it the Indore campus or Noida; the Jaipur campus or Lucknow, the sun never sets at Jaipuria Institute of Management. You literally got to take a walk through any of our four campuses- on a Monday or a Sunday to know what we mean when we say- welcome to our magical world!

All set to take a ride? Here’s a list of five “cool-max” things to expect when you are attending your PGDM from any of our four campuses:

1. Life after 6

Students swear by creativity here. Literally! After attending back-to-back classes throughout the day, Jaipuria students are often seen using their evenings to indulge in jam sessions or attending language workshops (Chinese language as well), or practicing the latest dance numbers for upcoming fests. While Jaipuria, Jaipur students are seen busy in Martial Art classes, Noida students willingly learn the art of Business Simulations or Applied Econometrics as part of their ECA. With the rigorous PGDM program curriculum, the school tries to keep evenings free for students to use them the way they like- learning new things or simply, relaxing over free-wheeling, coffee conversations among peers.

2. Campuses that are [really] beautiful

Spread over sprawling acres of green land, all the four campuses of Jaipuria carry in them state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities and are extremely technology-enabled places. The best thing about each campus is- you are greeted by green lawns right when you step in. The concrete waits for you, many steps away. Every effort has been made to keep students in touch with essential elements of nature—fresh air and sunlight. There are places within the campus where students indulge in group activities like seeing sunrise and sunset while sipping a cup of tea over-friendly, meandering conversations.

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3. Food. Food. And a lot of food.

From the hostel specials to the twenty-four hours eating joints, Jaipurians got their places to curb their hunger. Be it the Indore campus’ famous Dahi Papri or Noida’s paranthe waala bhaiyya; be it the Lazy Mojo and the hostellers’ favorite Momo Bhaiyya right outside the Jaipur campus, or Wahid, Tunday Kebab and Idrish Biryani right across few blocks of the Lucknow campus- know this for sure- where there is food, there has to be a Jaipurian; and, where there is a Jaipurian, there has to be food.

food1 food2

4. The hot spots on campus

The student lounges across all four campuses are bustling with crazy energy and life! The Canteen and TT room of Noida and Lucknow campuses are literally never empty. Indore students spend their free hours walking and talking in “The Street” or at the “G Point” (yes, you read it right!), while the Jaipur superhumans are frequently spotted chilling “outside” the canteen (god knows why!) and you will see a lot of student groups sitting and chatting on the staircase (to classrooms) as well.


5. Clubs. Committees. Group activities.

You will not meet a single Jaipurian who is not an active member of at least one student club. Be it the famous Media Relations Club (MRC) of Jaipuria Institute of Management or the Mecca for any B-school grad- the Placement Cell, you will never come across a Jaipurian who is not leading from the front. With more than 50 active student clubs operating collectively across the four campuses, Jaipurians build on their capacities from day one into their PGDM.

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