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46 AIMA’s event “Shaping Young Minds” hits the right notes with the young students of Jaipuria, Lucknow

Jaiupuria, Lucknow recently sponsored 46th AIMA’s (All India Management Association) flagship event “Shaping Young Minds”. The one day event was held in collaboration with Lucknow Management Association (LMA) and brought together some of the leading lights from different walks of life. It was an enriching experience for the students who had thronged to the venue, Scientific Convention Centre, Lucknow, which was buzzing with enthusiasm all around.

In keeping with the theme of the event, there were many young and ambitious minds in the audience who were looking forward to listening to eminent personalities. They weren’t to be disappointed as Mr. A. K. Mathur, Secretary, LMA took to the stage and shared the mission of AIMA. “We sensitize and capitalize individuals and communities to enhance their potentials,” he said and set the balling rolling on a rousing note.

Mr. Sumer Agarwal, Sr. Vice President, LMA then gave the welcome address to the gathering. He also had helpful pointers to young aspirants in the audience keen on finding their way to new heights of success. According to him it’s important to, “Concentrate on doing things that you are good at and building on your potential. You have to work hard to make your way to success rather than taking any shortcuts.”

It was a point that resonated with Ankita Jain, student of Jaipuria, Lucknow as she said, “It was a very important learning for me. I realized that the path you take to get to your destination is more important than the destination itself.” But there were more learning pointers and take homes for the students as it was time to listen to four achievers in their respective fields. By sharing their own experiences, they made their points easily relatable for the students.

Mr. Raj Mehta, Former Army Officer and Author, Mr. Muzaffar Ali, noted Indian Film Maker; Mr. Aquil Busrai, Chief Executive Officer, Aquil Busrai Consulting and Mr. Deepak Vohra, Veteran Diplomat and Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Guinea Bissau were the renowned speakers at the event. It was interesting to see that it was not only successes but failures that they emphasized on because they are stepping stones to success in many ways.

Through their words filled with passion and of course a lot of experience, the speakers urged the young hopefuls to work towards building an integrated, synergized and united India. The event came to a conclusion with a vote of thanks from Mr. A. K. Mathur, who then stressed on the importance of passion while doing things professionally as well. That will lead to setting of standards that are good enough for our country, he believed.

The event had gone on to help students believe in their true potential and their country’s as well. Khushal Khanna, another student at the institute commented on that by saying, “The talks were not only a learning experience but also ignited the fire in us to do our best for ourselves and our country.” While the take home for Sourick Sinha was, “Each one of us matters; all we need to do is believe in ourselves.” That then is mission accomplished for the event.

Photography Courtesy: Saumitra Asthana
Write up courtesy: Nikita Srivastava & Pallavi Tiwari

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