The main objective is learning transformation. 4 parameters therefore= Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habit provide for a suitable pedagogy towards that end.Essentially, knowledge must be applied to a relevant context. For which understanding of context, skills and positive attitude to learn become important. Education is an investment and therefore students must develop a habit for lifelong learning. The focus at Jaipuria is to encourage questions, interaction and critical thinking. At this stage, not exam preparation and marks but application of knowledge becomes the true test for a learner. We as faculty become more as mentors and guides. We strive to provide more value, over and above the expectation to our students– the key stakeholders.

Prof. Dheeraj Mishra
Dean, Jaipuria Lucknow

Dr. Mishra, a Phd, for IIT Kanpur with rich academic experience of 22 years. He is also advisor to the examination board of Institute of Actuaries of India, under Ministry of Finance.




Offered at Lucknow, Noida, Jaipur, Indore

Two Year Program

AICTE Approved I AIU Recognised*

NBA Accredited#


Offered at Lucknow

Two Year Program

AICTE Approved | AIU Recognised*

NBA Accredited#


Offered at Lucknow

Two Year Program

AICTE Approved | AIU Recognised*

NBA Accredited#


Offered at Noida,

Two Year Program

AICTE Approved | AIU Recognised*

NBA Accredited#


Offered at Noida

Two Year Program

AICTE Approved | AIU Recognised*

NBA Accredited#

# Jaipuria Noida, Jaipuria Lucknow



Pre Term: Get set on the path to lifelong learning. Identify interests, enhance abilities and plan your growth from ambition to achievement through the personalized Individual Development Plan (IDP). Equip yourself with tools, techniques and processes of domain areas – the fundamental theories and frameworks, imperative for management. Build competencies for management through Pre-Management Courses like economics and statistics. Sharpen up skills through Para-Management Courses such as language and communication skills that will facilitate, lubricate dynamism and professional growth. Get handpicked from the Jaipuria talent pool to be trained and tested for the business world through Honours Program initiative.


Choose from 12 electives as diverse as entrepreneurship to project finance. Build on your core learning and direct industry experience. Integrate knowledge and decide your future path. Look deeper into challenges and opportunities posed by the industry from a holistic vantage point. Enjoy a boundless pool of exchange through the Uncampus Exchange. Study in one of the Jaipuria campuses across Indore, Jaipur, Lucknow and Noida. Gain from expert insights and celebrate peer exchanges. Assimilate a new business culture across geographies. Sensitize to the changing complexities in a global world. Build international networks. Study in a partner programme at one of the leading foreign universities. Prepare for the industry through the placement drives. Get ready to lead.


The Jaipuria Two-Year PGDM is built on a unique curriculum structure that builds your skills and knowledge layer by layer. Over the course of study, you’ll receive rigorous academic preparation, essential mentoring and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through a summer internship.

Your First Year

Year one sets the stage for your future journey in the business world. It defines who you can be in more ways than one. And you can only march on – one firm step at a time.

Well begun. Half done:

The two week comprehensive orientation programme goes beyond familiarizing with the campus and peer groups to bring you on board with the passion, performance and purpose of global businesses. You come face to face with your role as a learner and potential leader. A quick refresher on the basic functional courses helps you catch up on the analytical and communication skills involved. These 14 days prepare you to know yourself first before you embark on the journey ahead.

Customised development plan:

Find mentors to train and transform your challenges to opportunities. The personalized Individual Development Plan gets you ready to aim, achieve and believe.

Get to the core:

The trimester pattern divides the entire 2 year programme into 6 trimesters offering a total of 35 courses that are required to be completed to qualify. These 35 courses comprise of 23 core papers and 12 electives. Each course complements your growth as a person and a professional. You’ll grow in understanding the basics of business, and build a framework. The core papers form an integral component of the first year curriculum. Blending experiential learning powered by case studies, business simulation, live projects and group work with core business fundamentals gets you ready to hit the ground running and add value to the organization.

60 days of intense industry practice:

With a good foundation, you are ready to apply your learning through an intense summer internship. A systematic approach with a pre-internship orientation and postinternship mentoring allows you to prepare, test and further build capacities in the professional arena. The summer internship enables you to implement the fundamental learning of the first three trimesters of your program. It not only opens up minds but also prized work opportunities through pre-placement offers (PPO).

Jaipuria has been a life changing experience for me starting from the orientation programme. It was a lot about introspection and self exposure.

I realized my interest was in finance. The summer internship further strengthened that. And the best part was I could call up my faculty guide to resolve my doubts. The IDP helped me capitalize on my strengths and choose the right industry for me.

Apoorva Mehrotra, (Class of 2015)
Selected by Axis Bank


Unlearning to relearning:
A holistic orientation into the rigors of the business world entails much of unlearning to facilitate new ways of learning and living. Year one grooms you to a new way of life. It builds fundamentals of management education but also prepares you for a lifelong learning.
Action for achievement:
Beginning of a comprehensive, focused and systematic action plan through IDP is sure to culminate in achievement of goals and self confidence. The key highlight is an understanding of the self, celebrating strengths and working upon weaknesses in line with desired goal.
Get chosen to lead:
Honours Program handpicks the creme de la creme and further infuse in them the academic and corporate rigour. As a unique Jaipuria initiative it provides recruiters and students the opportunity to accomplish what they set out for.
Maximize opportunities:
Internship opportunities in the summer define the course of your coming years by enhancing skills and testing abilities.

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