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Student Life

‘Entertainment with a purpose’ – Movie Club at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida recently launched its movie club – “Entertainment with a Purpose”. On the occasion, the movie club faculty coordinator, Dr.Ritika Gugnani, spoke to campus journalists (CJs), Geetika Goyal and Priyanka Priya.

What was the need for a movie club?
Dr. Ritika: Students of Jaipuria Institute of Management have come from various parts of the country. So if we pick and screen movies from different nations, different cultures and different languages it will depict and help the students understand cultural strong points, which would be very beneficial for them. The main objective of the movie club is to enhance the communication skills of the students by exposing them to international movies.

CJs: What was the purpose behind choosing the movie that was screened at the inaugural session?
Dr. Ritika: The name of the movie was Invictus. The main purpose behind choosing this movie was that the London Olympics were going on and the movie was based on a sports theme. Sports inculcate a sense of leadership and team building in the minds of the students. They help in capturing how ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things.

CJs: What is the motive behind the movie club?
Dr. Ritika: We’ll encourage student discussions after the movie is over. This way, the students will try and identify what they learnt from the movie.  The students will, of course, come and enjoy the movie but now there will be a learning attached to it.

CJs: What are the future plans for the movie club?
Dr. Ritika: We expect that more and more students will come together to watch movies. So there will be a fun element of expectation instilled in the students that ‘today is the movie day’. In future, we plan to have musical activities where people will be encouraged to sing and have fun.

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Industry Interface

An Insight on Consumer Behaviour

As a part of Jaipuria’s strong industry interface programme, Mr. Vishal Khanna, Marketing Manager at Reliance Infocom, shared his expertise on consumer behaviour with students and faculty at the Jaipuria Noida campus. Mr. Khanna discussed how a consumer decides on the product, how he searches for suppliers, seeks proposals, selects and finally, does post-purchase evaluation through real life situations and case studies.

“Consumer behaviour differs from department to department within the same organisation. There are a number of reasons for this, like difference in perceptions of departments, and cost reduction versus increasing efficiency. Role of individuals also has a important part to play in consumer behaviour.”

Mr. Khanna also took the aspiring managers of Jaipuria Noida through the process of the creation and implementation of a ‘Brand Recall Strategy.’

“I feel absolutely in touch with the industry now,” said Mohammed of the 2011-13 batch of Jaipuria Noida. With two of their peers placed with Reliance Infocom for summer internship, students of Jaipuria Noida feel that this is just the beginning of a long-term relationship between Jaipuria Noida and Reliance Infocom.

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Facilitating discovery of potential

You can’t teach anything, you can only help students explore knowledge and their own potential! Professor Ritika Gugnani, Professor for Economics as well as Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, has faith in this maxim and designs and conducts her courses in a completely student-centric manner.

A double postgrad in Economics and Management, Prof. Gugnani’s doctoral research is in the area of management and commerce. She believes that academics should have an approach that leads to the exploration of an individual’s potential. As she says, “My teaching philosophy is to make things interesting, relevant and hands-on in the class.”

From the 1st to the 20th of July 2012, she went to School of Engineering and Business, Vaud (HEIG-VD), Switzerland for a Summer Exchange as a Project Guide that allowed her not only to build on her own skill & knowledge base but also give her an opportunity to contribute to her field.

An avid reader and music lover, Prof. Gugnani says that Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida is a blend of modernity and traditional educational practices giving it its own distinct identy.

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“Jaipuria is a platform for world class education & training”

Yateesh Wahaal is from the second batch(2005) of Jaipuria Noida. A communication engineer by profession, specialized in Finance at Jaipuria Noida. He has also authored academic papers and is visiting faculty in a management school too. He is a part of the IMT admissions committee and participates in the screening process and corporate interaction. He has always been close to academics and has done several other skill-building courses in India and abroad.

Currently, he is a Director at Pegasus International Advisory Limited, but reaching this top slot was not simple or straightforward. Pegasus is the culmination of a long journey that began with HDFC through his campus placement. From management trainee he soon jumped to the position of executive assistant to MD with Haier Appliances India Pvt. Ltd. This was a huge learning experience for him, especially in terms of the Chinese way of working. This job also gave him the opportunity to sit in on all core meetings, helping him understand strategy and research closely. He moved on to work with MNCs and also did a stint in Oman.

Talking about his course at Jaipuria, he says it was a stroke of luck and thanks his family for the support they provided. Yateesh thinks Jaipuria offers a fantastic platform and students should leverage it. It has the infrastructure and faculty to enable world-class education and training. He strongly recommends planning the future and working towards it.

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“Unending backing by the Jaipuria faculty creates a family-like support system that a student needs at this time”, says Harshita Shukla

Harshita Shukla topped all the three semesters and nearly topped in all the individual subjects as well. This winner attitude has helped her bag a placement with Orient Fans, a CK Birla Group subsidiary. She is being taken up as a Management Trainee and will be given the opportunity to do project-based work in different departments. After this intense training and monitoring of one year, the company will decide which department she will be absorbed into.

Sharing her experience of placement, Harshita says, “The recruitment process at Orient Fans was a four stage eliminative process. The first three rounds consisted of the Aptitude Test, Group Discussion and Interview and finally, there was a last interview with the Leadership team. The first three rounds were conducted in Lucknow with over 90 students. In the aptitude test 30 students were selected to sit for the next round, which was the group discussion. After the group discussion, 13 students got selected for the personal interview round. I was finally shortlisted for the last interview with the leadership team along with four other candidates. I was the only one to be shortlisted from the Noida campus. The last interview took place on 2nd Jan 2013, after which only two candidates were selected; luckily, I cracked it and found a place in the company.”

Harshita thanks her faculty at Jaipuria for the support and guidance she received in choosing the companies and preparing for them. The intense exercise of interviews and final placements creates a lot of stress and the backing of the faculty and staff creates a family-like support system for the student, something that Harshita is thankful for.

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Jaipuria Marketing Conclave 2013, Noida

About Conclave: The Conclave “New Realities of Service Marketing: High Tech, High Touch, High Prop”  aims to seek discussion on the challenges and opportunities that service marketers are facing due to the growing influence of technological innovations. The conclave will have following sub-themes with a focus on current issues in the services industries.

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