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Challenges for Management Academia

Keeping in view these advances and developments in the various areas of management, accordingly management education will also face challenges and in order to keep up-to-date it will need to include cutting edge subjects (which may replace or at least enhance traditional subjects) like Globalization and Development, Forensic Accounting, E- Commerce and M-Commerce, Big Data and Data Analytics, Digital and Direct Marketing, Internet marketing, Service Marketing, Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics, Co-opetition, Cross Cultural Management and Global Strategy to name a few. As Dayal (2002) pointed out “Driven by developments in science and technology, and globalization of business, the social, public and business organizations in the West had to undertake many changes in their management structure and operating practices. In response to such changes the educational programs in the Western countries have had to undergo noticeable changes in the curricula, content, methodology and coverage. The economic and the business environment in India are also undergoing somewhat similar changes as earlier experienced by the West. It is imperative that the structure of management education in India be changed”.