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Director Message

The Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow Offers Skills for Life

The think-tank at Jaipuria Lucknow knows that there are many educational institutes in the country offering MBA and PGDM programmes. With so many options, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Jaipuria Lucknow, however, differentiates itself from the pack by being extremely aware of what constitutes a good managerial education.

Focusing not only on delivering an effective curriculum, we instill the values of a positive attitude, team spirit and adaptation to change. Rather than offering courses that only provide tools and techniques, Jaipuria Lucknow is concerned more about forming a managerial mindset. We welcome outstanding young individuals for this intensive programme.

Student life

Jaipuria doesn’t teach you how you can be better than others; it makes you better than yourself, Tuhin Sharma, 2012-14 Batch

Tuhin Sharma loves to initiate change and make things happen. It is perhaps for this reason that he was made the College Captain during his school days in Tagore Public School, Allahabad. Born and brought up in Allahabad, Tuhin did his B.Com from University of Allahabad before entering Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow.

“I always see myself a little more than useless because I believe the more you know, the more you realise how much you don’t know. So there is always scope to learn. This makes me accept change faster and better.”

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Dr. Shubendra Parihar talks about the academic rigour at Jaipuria, Lucknow and makes some startling revelations along the way

Dr. Shubendra S. Parihar, Assistant Professor at Jaipuria, Lucknow is often referred to as “Mr. Dependable”. A renowned name in industry and academics, he teaches Marketing at the institute and is extremely popular amongst students. The institute focuses on academic rigour for shaping management hopefuls, while ensuring that its faculty members follow interesting teaching pedagogy in the classroom. Dr. Parihar, who also doubles as Chairperson of Admissions, in many ways is the epitome of the teaching philosophies that the institute holds close to its heart.

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Nowhere else will you find students appearing for the same interviews, helping each other out. Jaipuria Institute of Management has a truly extraordinary culture, Prachi Sahai

Prachi Sahai has cracked one of the most sought after profiles in the Indian job market, that of a Probationary Officer with Federal Bank.

“My grooming at Jaipuria Lucknow, has turned things around for me. There is much more to being at Jaipuria, Lucknow than just studies. I was part of the student activity group (SAG) which made me undertake so many challenging and exciting tasks. More so, I was the college MC for almost all events, and I guess I enjoyed it so much that I am going to miss it thoroughly.  I was also involved in many other activities, like the annual fest, debate, extempore competition, etc. It’s not just a job, or a PGDM, which I am taking away with me; it’s the treasure of everyday grooming.”

Prachi’s on-campus placement process began with an online aptitude test comprising questions dealing with general knowledge, quantitative ability, verbal ability, logical reasoning and computer competence. This was followed by an online psychometric analysis for the job profile.The qualifiers were then tested through aGroup Discussion.

“My contribution to the discussion was not just in terms of my views, but also inmanaging group dynamics and leadership skills. After clearing the GD, we were called for the interview the following day.There were questions about my background, knowledge of the organisation and domain, and general awareness. The panel was particularly impressed by my answers on situation handling.”

Prachi credits the highlyqualified faculty of Jaipuriawith equipping her with in-depth knowledge of the banking sector.

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Industry Interface

Demystifying the Indian consumer

Interview by Owais Khan

Held between the 14th and 16th of December 2012 at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, the 7th International Conference on Interdependence, Integration and Co-Creation (IIC) turned out to be one of the most important business management events of the year in the country. Luminaries from across the globe were at Jaipuria Institute of Management,Lucknowto share their knowledge and thoughts on the issue of ‘Demystifying the Indian Consumer’.

Mr. Bhupesh Dinger, the COO and Director of Enrich Salons and Academy, was one of the most effective speakers at this event. A product of IIM Bangalore, Mr.Dinger has explored the length and breadth of consumer markets with organisations as varied as Omkar Realtors and Developers, to Reliance Retail and Reliance Webworld, in a career spanning 25 years. Mr. Dinger laid outevery aspect of the evolution of consumer behaviour in the last couple of decades.

“Reduced attention span, increased mobility and travelling, decreasing restrictions of time and geographicalspace and countless options have all ensured that customers today demand greaterservicing speed. As a marketer in the service sector,if you fail to deliver speed, you will lose you customer. Midnight sales start a couple of hours earlier at 10 at night. The market knows that the customer is free only during that span.”

Speaking about the choices available to customers, he reminded the students of Jaipuria Lucknow, how the photo film industry was wiped out almost overnight. “Ten years ago,companies like Kodak, Fuji and Konica were fighting tooth-and-nail for market share in the film-based camera market. Suddenly, the camera market changed; consumer photography started getting more inclinedtowards digital cameras. Anew set of competitions emerged and consumers had new choices.Out of nowhere,companies like Sony and HP – which are not traditional camera manufacturers – emerged as market leaders. They got their thrills for nearly a decade before becoming obsolete in a matter of months. For the last three years now, ‘cameras in mobile phones’ have outnumbered the sales of cameras.”
Mr. Dinger also explained how core banking has had a remarkable impact on consumer behaviour, andobserved that the online world is now moving offline in order to bring people online.

“For instance, ‘’ knows that there is a significant population of parents who are not computer savvy. They are now setting up centres across India where the parent can come across and access services. Suddenly, the guy who was offline is now online by proxy.”

Mr. Bhupesh Dinger concluded on the note that the only way of holding on to your customer in a market overloaded with choices is ‘mass customisation’.

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“The two years at Jaipuria Lucknow – the team work, combined projects, working odd hours to meet deadlines and working with a diverse set of people – actually prepared me to face the harsh advertising world.”

As Senior Manager – Business Development, Deepti Chandra Mehra is one of the driving forces behind various initiatives at the leading digital services firm of the country – Hungama Digital Entertainment Limited. Deepti has literally grown from a foot soldier to a General in the 8 years since passing out of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow in 2005.

“After passing out of Jaipuria Lucknow, I grew from the ranks of a Management Trainee, to handling the complete northern region – ideating, conceptualising and executing strategies and launches – for my set of clients. Quite a few of my campaigns have been rated ‘the best campaign of the year’.”

Deepti started her career with the most basic and labourintensivefunction – on-ground brand activation. In her first job after Jaipuria Lucknow with Synergy Media, she ideated and implemented numerous successful campaigns, including the on-ground activation of ‘Mountain Dew’ across markets in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. As Manager – Sales with Sify, between May 2007 and October 2008, Deepti Mehra was awarded as ‘The Outstanding Performer’ for selling maximum sponsorships.

Deepti’s shift to Zapak coincided with the boom in Digital Marketing. During her two-year stint, Deepti was responsible for some very innovative campaigns, like the on-ground promotion of Airtel Broadband (‘Speed on demand’ campaign), recognised as the ‘Best Marketing Activity of the Year’ by Airtel. Deepti Mehra was also the brain behind the on-ground launch of Exide tubular batteries for invertor, and the highly engagingdrive for the launch of Yahoo’s new web page.

At Hungama Digital too, she was recognised as the ‘Employee of the Year’ for the Videocon Mobile Services ‘Zero Paisa Campaign’ – adjudged the best digital campaign of the year in 2010.

“The two years at Jaipuria Lucknow – the team work, combined projects, working odd hours to meet deadlines and working with a diverse set of people – actually prepared me to face the harsh advertising world.Jaipuria Institute of Management taught me something far more valuable than the curriculum. It taught me to believe in myself and be confident about what I’m doing.”

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Management Conclave held by Jaipuria Lucknow brings Consumer Experience Management into focus

On 22nd February, the Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow hosted a Management Conclave, which focused on the important field of Consumer Experience Management. The conclave also brought forward new ideas that are necessary for future managers in the world of marketing. This event was a great benefit for the institute’s students, who made the most out of the opportunity to interact and learn from industry experts. And, the experience of listening to stalwarts in the industry was the icing on the cake for the students who are eager to embark on a career in management and marketing.

Students came in large numbers to hear from Mr. V. P. Kamath, Group Chief Operating Officer at Nova Medical Centers Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. A renowned name in the field, Mr. Kamath gave the opening address at the conclave and had the audience enthralled throughout his talk. Right at the onset he made students aware of the evolving scenario in marketing and the current trends that are here to stay. The traditional approach to marketing as

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