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Director Message

The Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow Offers Skills for Life

The think-tank at Jaipuria Lucknow knows that there are many educational institutes in the country offering MBA and PGDM programmes. With so many options, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Jaipuria Lucknow, however, differentiates itself from the pack by being extremely aware of what constitutes a good managerial education.

Focusing not only on delivering an effective curriculum, we instill the values of a positive attitude, team spirit and adaptation to change. Rather than offering courses that only provide tools and techniques, Jaipuria Lucknow is concerned more about forming a managerial mindset. We welcome outstanding young individuals for this intensive programme.

Student Life

“I realized that practical knowledge and in-depth analysis are integral for surviving in the modern corporate scenario. Hence Jaipuria Institute of Management for me.”- Nikita Srivastava

The orientation program at Jaipuria, Lucknow was a lot about introspection and self-exposure. It also gave me an opportunity to listen to some of the big names in the industry, including Mr. Navneet Sakera, Mr. Achal Rangaswamy and Mr. Jagdish Kini. Listening to these outstanding personalities motivated us and taught us to focus on mind rather than time. I figured that it’s important to learn as much as possible because the end result matters.

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Dr. Shubendra Parihar talks about the academic rigour at Jaipuria, Lucknow and makes some startling revelations along the way

Dr. Shubendra S. Parihar, Assistant Professor at Jaipuria, Lucknow is often referred to as “Mr. Dependable”. A renowned name in industry and academics, he teaches Marketing at the institute and is extremely popular amongst students. The institute focuses on academic rigour for shaping management hopefuls, while ensuring that its faculty members follow interesting teaching pedagogy in the classroom. Dr. Parihar, who also doubles as Chairperson of Admissions, in many ways is the epitome of the teaching philosophies that the institute holds close to its heart.

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Kaushik Sharmah looks back on his experience at Jaipuria Lucknow while preparing for the future

Kaushik Sharmah knows the power that comes with knowledge and the rewards offered by hard work. A student of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, Batch of 2012-2014, Kaushik has seen his dedication and drive bear fruit with his recent placement with leading German conglomerate, Hafele India Pvt. Ltd. The achievement of landing such a prestigious job is something that Kaushik has been working towards his entire adult life.

Hailing from the city of Guwahati in the northeastern part of India, Kaushik attended school there before advancing on to SRM University. While studying at the university for a degree in Engineering in Instrumentation and Control, Kaushik discovered he had a major interest in Management education. It was this revelation that led him to the Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. As Kaushik says, “The Jaipuria Lucknow facility has a superb team of faculty members, who treat everyone as an integral part of the Jaipuria Lucknow family. They were always ready to extend a helping hand for any issue I faced. They left no stone unturned to help me prepare for the corporate world.”

The philosophy adopted by the faculty was to offer students the best education possible to prepare them for their future; this was exactly what Kaushik was looking for. Coupled with Kaushik’s natural abilities, Jaipuria Lucknow’s core curriculum helped him to succeed in a competitive job market by offering him a well-rounded experience that showed all aspects of the managerial world. Kaushik says, “It is very important to have theoretical knowledge of any profession. Thus, to become a successful manager and to know the minutiae of management, an MBA or a PGDM is extremely important for one to have a competitive edge.” This competitive edge is something that the Jaipuria Institute of Management prides itself on giving to all of its students.

As the placement interviews loomed for Kaushik, he began the process of establishing himself as an individual who stood out from the crowd. “I tried to keep myself calm, and I associated every answer with my own real-life experience. I presented myself the way that I am, rather than trying to impress them.”

This strategy paid off when he was offered a position at Hafele India Pvt. Ltd. as a Management Trainee – Sales. The role is one that Kaushik is extremely excited about. As he says, “I like taking up new challenges, so my new role will bring out the best in me and will be a great learning experience. I am well-prepared to face the new challenge, and it will help me to grow as an individual.”

With his position secured, Kaushik offers this advice to juniors who will soon be in the position he was in previously: “Stress management is extremely important to be able to perform in a placement interview. Knowing the company well is also important, as are the requirements of the position that you are interviewing for.”

Now that Kaushik’s future is coming into focus, he has a chance to reflect back on the time he spent at Jaipuria Lucknow. “The credit goes to each and every member of Jaipuria Lucknow for helping me to land this position.” Given his abilities, Kaushik stands as a shining example of what Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow can offer individuals and how far it go it can go to help them achieve their dreams.

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Industry Interface

Industrial tour to Tata Motors for Jaipuria Lucknow students

Students of Jaipuria Lucknow visited the Tata Motors Plant at Chinhat, Lucknow, for the 7th consecutive year as a part of their industrial interface programme. To help match their in-class learning with on-ground realities, the future managers from Jaipuria Lucknow were shown all the action in the Chinhat plant of Tata Motors. These included production plans for the day, stock and raw materials storage and movement, inventory control and supply chain management. The young B-school students were also shown Tata Motors’ methodology of lean production, i.e. procurement of raw materials in small lots from nearby vendors.

“As an HR student, for me the most interesting part of the visit was talking to HR executives of the Chinhat Plant about the challenges of labour allocation at various work stations, issues-resolution in the gigantic plant, best manufacturing practices and safety measures adopted during the production run,” says Harsha Mishra, a second year student.

Over the years, the bond between the Chinhat Plant of Tata Motors and Jaipuria Lucknow has grown stronger, with senior and top management officials like Mr. Tribhuvan Kumar, AGM, Mr. C. V. Singh, Executive Vice President (Operations), and Mr. Alok Saxena, Plant in-charge, Lucknow, regularly visiting the Jaipuria Lucknow campus to interact with students.

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“Tough times don’t last… tough men do,” says Anurag Misra, Sr. AVP, SBI Life Insurance, alumni of the 1999 batch of Jaipuria Lucknow

After the global economic meltdown of 2007, professionals across the globe where happy with whatever rank and profile they were handed. During these challenging times not only did Anurag Misra thrive in SBI Life Insurance, but in a span of just five years, earned three back-to-back promotions. An alumnus of the 1999 batch of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, Anurag Misra today sits pretty high up in the corporate hierarchy as Sr. AVP, heading Back Office Operations – Group Business.

“There are two things that I learnt at Jaipuria Lucknow that have always held me in good stead – how to be an effective team player, and how to make strategies to achieve time-bound objectives. So when in the initial part of my career I faced numerous challenges, I remained positive and did full justice to the assignments given to me.”

Anurag, incidentally, is the man behind the now-famous ‘Ladli’ scheme launched by Ms. Sheela Dikshit, the Chief Minister of Delhi, way back on the 7th of March 2008. The groundbreaking ‘Ladli’ scheme ensures special grants for girl child protection, marriage of orphan girls and daughters of poor widows, and pension for widows. Within a couple of months of executing this mammoth task, Anurag was promoted from Sr. Manager to Area Sales Manager on 12th May 2008… and he has never looked back.

“I rarely miss an alumni meet, and enjoy staying in touch with my colleagues, as well as other alumni. I do miss the wonderful two years spent with friends at Jaipuria Lucknow, and the amazing faculty members that we were fortunate enough to have.”

Anurag has been instrumental in generating business to the tune of a whopping 300 Crores in his five-and-a-half years with SBI Life Insurance.

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Students of Jaipuria Lucknow perform Nukkad Natak in the city and take raise social awareness

On Feb 18th, members of the Connect Club of Jaipuria, Lucknow were part of Manthan, an annual street play festival. The festival is organized by Verve, the street play society of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, University of Delhi, and aims to make colleges in the country an important part of the street theatre movement. The festival is held across various cities in the country, and Jaipuria, Lucknow was called on to be a part of it because the city is known for its culture and tradition.

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