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Director Message

The Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow Offers Skills for Life

The think-tank at Jaipuria Lucknow knows that there are many educational institutes in the country offering MBA and PGDM programmes. With so many options, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Jaipuria Lucknow, however, differentiates itself from the pack by being extremely aware of what constitutes a good managerial education.

Focusing not only on delivering an effective curriculum, we instill the values of a positive attitude, team spirit and adaptation to change. Rather than offering courses that only provide tools and techniques, Jaipuria Lucknow is concerned more about forming a managerial mindset. We welcome outstanding young individuals for this intensive programme.

Student Life

“Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow has one of the finest faculty bases in North India, well networked alumni, and a commendable placements record.” Ajitesh, Batch of 2012-14

Ajitesh spends a lot of time playing games on the computer, and surfing the net for latest Mobile and Computing technologies. A self-confessed “online shopaholic”, Ajitesh is addicted to social media, movies, music and cricket.

“I chose Jaipuria, Lucknow after much analysis and realised that it will give me an opportunity to be industry-ready, not by trying to make me into someone that I’m not, but by making my natural skills stronger. Jaipuria, Lucknow has one of the finest faculty bases in North India, well networked alumni, and a commendable placements record.”

Ajitesh is described by his teachers as “passionate, optimistic and loyal, and someone who believes in doing smart work”. Born and brought up in Lucknow, Ajitesh is a commerce graduate from Lucknow University.

“By the end of my grooming at Jaipuria, Lucknow, I see myself working in a Fortune-500 company. I intend climbing the corporate ladder to a top management position, five years from now.”

About to enter his 2nd year at Jaipuria Lucknow, Ajitesh has been an active member of various clubs and groups on campus, such as the Student Affairs Group, Media Relations Club, IT Club, and the Student Interface Committee.

“All these clubs and groups are dynamic hubs. The most memorable time was the Jaipuria, Lucknow annual event, Ojas. I enjoyed taking on responsibilities while having fun with my friends during Ojas 2012.”

Ajitesh is looking forward to an even more engaging 2nd Year at Jaipuria Lucknow. He is positive that with the systematic grooming by the world-class faculty at the 6th best B-School in North India, he will be able to fulfill his expectations of himself.


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Dr. Shubendra Parihar talks about the academic rigour at Jaipuria, Lucknow and makes some startling revelations along the way

Dr. Shubendra S. Parihar, Assistant Professor at Jaipuria, Lucknow is often referred to as “Mr. Dependable”. A renowned name in industry and academics, he teaches Marketing at the institute and is extremely popular amongst students. The institute focuses on academic rigour for shaping management hopefuls, while ensuring that its faculty members follow interesting teaching pedagogy in the classroom. Dr. Parihar, who also doubles as Chairperson of Admissions, in many ways is the epitome of the teaching philosophies that the institute holds close to its heart.

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“The two years at Jaipuria Lucknow – the team work, combined projects, working odd hours to meet deadlines and working with a diverse set of people – actually prepared me to face the harsh advertising world.”

2nd January 2013 will forever be etched in the memory of Ankit Seth as the day when Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow delivered on its final promise. It was the day when Ankit earned a coveted placement as Management Trainee at Orient Fans – a legendary brand of the iconic Birla Group.

“This year, the placement season at Jaipuria Institute of Management really took off at the end of November 2012. Recruiters from brands like Luminous Power, Finlace, Orient Fans, and Polyplex Corporation Limited began making their presence felt. The Orient Fans selection process tested one on all fronts – aptitude, soft skills and marketing insights.”

The final interview round at Orient Fans was with the top managers of the Marketing, HR, and Operations departments. Ankit had to pull out all that he had learnt in his two years at Jaipuria Lucknow to get past this gruelling stage.

“I was lucky to have a mentor like Professor Masood Siddiqui, who guided me during this phase and made me target-oriented. I owe this success to my Marketing teachers, Professor Himanshu Mishra, Dr. Shalini Nath Tripathi and Dr. ShubenduParihar, who gave me theoretical insights into marketing and taught me the practical implementation too.”

During the initial phase of his Trainee Programme at Orient Fans, Ankit will be familiarised with the diversified product segments of the company, the dynamic channel structure with the stakeholders, and the key marketing and sales strategies being adopted by the company.

“Your placement interview is a sum total of your life, and you have to prepareyourself well for that moment.”
Ankit believes that experiences ofco-ordinating a LIVE project for ‘Big Bazaar’ during internship,and aggressively managing sponsor ships for the annual events at Jaipuria Institute of Management Lucknow helped him develop a good understanding of the corporate world.

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Industry Interface

Industrial tour to Tata Motors for Jaipuria Lucknow students

Students of Jaipuria Lucknow visited the Tata Motors Plant at Chinhat, Lucknow, for the 7th consecutive year as a part of their industrial interface programme. To help match their in-class learning with on-ground realities, the future managers from Jaipuria Lucknow were shown all the action in the Chinhat plant of Tata Motors. These included production plans for the day, stock and raw materials storage and movement, inventory control and supply chain management. The young B-school students were also shown Tata Motors’ methodology of lean production, i.e. procurement of raw materials in small lots from nearby vendors.

“As an HR student, for me the most interesting part of the visit was talking to HR executives of the Chinhat Plant about the challenges of labour allocation at various work stations, issues-resolution in the gigantic plant, best manufacturing practices and safety measures adopted during the production run,” says Harsha Mishra, a second year student.

Over the years, the bond between the Chinhat Plant of Tata Motors and Jaipuria Lucknow has grown stronger, with senior and top management officials like Mr. Tribhuvan Kumar, AGM, Mr. C. V. Singh, Executive Vice President (Operations), and Mr. Alok Saxena, Plant in-charge, Lucknow, regularly visiting the Jaipuria Lucknow campus to interact with students.

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“Thanks to the never-say-die spirit given to us at Jaipuria,Lucknow, within a month of moving to Delhi, i found a placement with Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd.”

In early 1997, Vinay Kumar Pundir – while still in his final year – was looking at various placement options that were coming his way at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. There were quite a few offers, including one from Kanoria Chemicals. However Vinay, along with a couple of his colleagues from Jaipuria Lucknow, decided to play for bigger stakes.

“We decided to shift base to Delhi, which was a big challenge for a fresh management graduate. Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow might today be one of the top B-schools in North India, but back then in 1997, we were the first batch. Thanks to the never-say-die spirit given to us at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, within a month I found a placement with Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. After that, there was no turning back!”

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Jaipuria Lucknow to host Ojas 14, a stunning extravaganza.

Ojas 14, the annual fest organized by Jaipuria Lucknow had college students from all over the country. Ojas after all, stands for vigour and zeal and that’s what the students of Jaipuria, Lucknow brought to the table as they host the spectacular event year after year. It’s the perfect platform for students from various colleges who came together and showcased their talents, bragging rights and ofcourse bond and express their camaraderie. Through a wide range of events that can covered co-curricular, cultural, academic and sporting activities, the fest brimmed with infectious energy.

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