Director’s Message

I take pride in welcoming you to Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur.The institute provides a perfect setting for you to start your journey towards excellence. Right from day-one till your final placement, we are there with you in every step forward in your journey.

We have designed a curriculum which is in tune with the changing requirements of industry, society, and the world at large. It has been evolved through a process, full of rigour and highest benchmarking. Your classroom deliberation is facilitated by the faculty of high accomplishment in teaching and research. Your learning does not stop in the classroom anyway; in fact more of it takes place outside the classroom, extended to society, reaches to the industry doorsteps. You will experience a unique system of mentoring which will ensure that you grow well and add immense value.

You will have plenty of opportunity to learn through participating, watching, and doing. Your skills would get sharpened through hands-on work assignments, industry association, and opportunity to contribute and create of your own. Be assured that you will find us standing by your side in whatever way you are going learn for your better future.

When you become industry ready, companies would take pride in placing you. We will take pride in going hand-in-hand with you. Your parents will take pride in you and your achievements. You will take pride in being a student of Jaipuria-Jaipur.

It is this virtuous cycle of pride that we seek to create for you at Jaipuria-Jaipur!

Welcome Home!

Student Life

“Jaipuria Jaipur prepares us for life beyond academics as well”, shares Joel M. Mathew

Joel Mathew loves interacting with people, getting into their minds and figuring out the dynamics between groups. She wants to be an HR professional as she finds herself deeply interested in the study of human motivations and behavior. A final year student of PGDM HR & Marketing at Jaipuria Jaipur, she completed her B.Sc.in Botany, Zoology and Psychology from International College for Girls (ICG),Jaipur. Joel was already convinced by the reputation that Jaipuria enjoyed in her city, and an interaction with some of the faculty further helped her decide to join the institute. She describes her journey so far as fantastic. “Jaipuria has given me everything I wanted. To me, it’s my second home where I am led to walk upon the path of truth by keeping my ethics alive.”

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Sanjay Mehta from Jaipuria, Jaipur earns a placement with Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt Ltd.; opens doors for opportunities to grow

Growing up in a simple, middle class family in Amritsar, Sanjay Mehta dreamed big and wished to conquer the world of finance. That is the reason why he made his way to Jaipuria, Jaipur, a place with a brilliant reputation, as well as a fee structure that, he says, suited his father’s modest pockets. The institute is where his dreams were nurtured and are now on the way of being fulfilled as he’s bagged a job with Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt Ltd.

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Summer Internship

“My SIP gives me the opportunity to understand the dynamics of real corporate rigmaroles,”

“I just want to learn as much as I can, in this limited period of two months”, says Shubham Barthwal, PGDM Class of 2015, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur, who recently bagged a Summer Internship Project in Marketing and Event Management with Pearson. He is going to be attached with the marketing division during his internship, and will work on Pearson’s brand perception in the market through events specifically targeting children and their parents. Shubham explains the responsibilities of his position: “The objective is to reach the customer where Pearson’s reach has been limited. We will be marketing through events, and the important thing is to manage the event within the purview of the budgets that are allocated to me and my team”. The team gets together in the morning and plans for the day. A lot of time is also spent travelling around the Pearson school campus to understand the target audience and their locality in order to identify the venue for the event. The arrangements are meticulously managed by the team, and events are executed to perfection in the evening.

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“Jaipuria Institute of Management laid the foundation for my professional life. It turned me into an achiever; the placement with Deutsche Bank was the icing on the cake.”

It would not be out of place to say that Shefali Arora turned into a winner the day she entered Jaipuria Institute of Management. Crowned ‘Ms. Fresher’ of the 2007-09 batch – the memory of which still brings butterflies to her stomach – Shefali’s two years at Jaipuria Jaipur were studded with sterling performances, including numerous victories at inter-college festivals. Apart from being a core member for Jaipuria Institute of Management’s national management fest, Abhyudaya, Shefali was also on a number of committees; the most prominent were the Placement Cell and the Corporate Resource Centre. Shefali’s big break came when she cracked an on-campus placement with Deutsche Bank.

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“Jaipuria provides me with an environment to think, to challenge, to digress, to smash and recreate the future.”

A Masters in Applied Psychology, Professor Jain started her career with a marble firm as a corporate relations manager for international clients, but shifted to academics after being selected for the coveted ‘Young Management Scholar’ to IIM Calcutta.

“I love to be part of an environment which allows me to think, to challenge, to digress, to smash and recreate the future.

Jaipuria provides me with a platform to constantly reinvent the wheel.”

Professor Jain plans to start her own venture a couple of years down the line. She believes Jaipuria Jaipur is the right place for her to understand industry dynamics, and the critical role of decision-making, institution building and development.

“Last year, I received a grant from AICTE to set up an Entrepreneurship Development Cell on campus. So this year, my entire focus is on setting up the EDC and creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Jaipuria Jaipur, through Prayaas – Centre for Entrepreneurship & Skill Development.”

Apart from being the Chairperson of EDC, she is also the Chairperson of Parivartan – the Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2011, Professor Jain was among the 32 recipients of Goldman Sachs – Tools for Growth – young Mentee Scholar in Mentorship Programme by London Business School and NEN. In fact, one of the woman entrepreneurs she mentored under this programme has been nominated for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs – Skill Development Programme, to be held in London this November.

Professor Sheenu Jain advises her students at Jaipuria Institute of Management to go after their dreams. “Do not postpone your dreams. Set a deadline for them and achieve them; nothing will give you better satisfaction in life than that.”

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National Workshop on “Cloud Computing for Modern Business Management”

This program is intended to help professionals, academicians, researchers and students learn how cloud computing has changed business process management. This program will help to understand the key aspects of cloud computing and its diversified applications in business. All participants will learn how to use cloud computing as IT tool to run and manage business operations effectively. The program will help participants understand how to plan the use of cloud computing in their organizations and learn how to manage cloud computing resources effectively. The program also covers emerging trends in cloud computing to help participants plan better for the future cloud computing needs of their organizations.

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