Director’s Message

I take pride in welcoming you to Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur.The institute provides a perfect setting for you to start your journey towards excellence. Right from day-one till your final placement, we are there with you in every step forward in your journey.

We have designed a curriculum which is in tune with the changing requirements of industry, society, and the world at large. It has been evolved through a process, full of rigour and highest benchmarking. Your classroom deliberation is facilitated by the faculty of high accomplishment in teaching and research. Your learning does not stop in the classroom anyway; in fact more of it takes place outside the classroom, extended to society, reaches to the industry doorsteps. You will experience a unique system of mentoring which will ensure that you grow well and add immense value.

You will have plenty of opportunity to learn through participating, watching, and doing. Your skills would get sharpened through hands-on work assignments, industry association, and opportunity to contribute and create of your own. Be assured that you will find us standing by your side in whatever way you are going learn for your better future.

When you become industry ready, companies would take pride in placing you. We will take pride in going hand-in-hand with you. Your parents will take pride in you and your achievements. You will take pride in being a student of Jaipuria-Jaipur.

It is this virtuous cycle of pride that we seek to create for you at Jaipuria-Jaipur!

Welcome Home!

Student Life

“Jaipuria Jaipur prepares us for life beyond academics as well”, shares Joel M. Mathew

Joel Mathew loves interacting with people, getting into their minds and figuring out the dynamics between groups. She wants to be an HR professional as she finds herself deeply interested in the study of human motivations and behavior. A final year student of PGDM HR & Marketing at Jaipuria Jaipur, she completed her B.Sc.in Botany, Zoology and Psychology from International College for Girls (ICG),Jaipur. Joel was already convinced by the reputation that Jaipuria enjoyed in her city, and an interaction with some of the faculty further helped her decide to join the institute. She describes her journey so far as fantastic. “Jaipuria has given me everything I wanted. To me, it’s my second home where I am led to walk upon the path of truth by keeping my ethics alive.”

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Jaipuria, Jaipur student, Krishna Kant Sharma, a small town boy, grabs the big opportunity of working with ICICI Securities

Whilst growing up in a small village outside Aligarh, Krishna Kant Sharma harboured big dreams. He wanted to pursue an MBA and get a foothold into the highly-competitive corporate world. He realised that this dream needed suitable support, which could only be provided by a reputable B-school in the country. That’s what made him decide on Jaipuria, Jaipur. Given his current status, it seems it was the best decision he could have made.

Today, Krishna Kant Sharma has embarked on his professional journey by bagging a job with ICICI Securities, and the world appears to be his oyester.

But Krishna remains well aware of the milestones of his journey, as well as the challenges he faced along the way. He reminiscences about his time at the institute, and says, “I can never forget those two years of my life. I had heard about Jaipuria Institute of Management, its four campuses and the centralised system it has. That made perfect sense to me. I also got a positive feedback about the institute from my elders. I realised that it could offer me many opportunities to build my personality and knowledge base. That’s the reason it was the only institute I considered for my PGDM,” he said.

And from day one, his learning experience was comprehensive and his growth tremendous, says Krishna. He thanks his faculty members at the institute who were always available to support, guide and motivate him through the program. He believes that the management concepts he learned at the institute will stay with him through his professional journey and the unique teaching methods will have a long-lasting impact.

Krishna’s summer internship with Amul Ice Cream in Jaipur was another exciting experience for him. He worked in the sales department and got a chance to see how the management concepts taught in theory were applied in a practical sense. Since he will also be working in sales with his new employers, he believes his SIP experience will be invaluable and enable him to make his mark.

Talking about his new role of a Senior Relationship Manager with ICICI Securities Krishna says, “My goal will be to meet the revenue target across a certain set of customers by mastering client relationship. I will also be responsible for providing solutions for customers by evaluating their financial needs. Preparing and maintaining sales calls reports and all relevant MIS will be another responsibility I will have to handle.”

Clearly, Krishna is well aware of the task at hand when he switches roles from being a management student to a professional. He believes this is an important transition for aspirants, and one that is facilitated by pursuing a professional degree program like he did. “The course I did from Jaipuria has huge relevance in today’s world. It is packed with many activities including presentations and role playing that develop students’ personalities and communication skills. These are important aspects of being a manager in the corporate world, and the program prepares you well for that,” he says. With the backing he’s received from his institute, Krishna has made a solid start in his professional journey. And this is only the beginning for the young man from a small village, who is ready to go places and make a lasting impact.

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Summer Internship

“My SIP gives me the opportunity to understand the dynamics of real corporate rigmaroles,”

“I just want to learn as much as I can, in this limited period of two months”, says Shubham Barthwal, PGDM Class of 2015, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur, who recently bagged a Summer Internship Project in Marketing and Event Management with Pearson. He is going to be attached with the marketing division during his internship, and will work on Pearson’s brand perception in the market through events specifically targeting children and their parents. Shubham explains the responsibilities of his position: “The objective is to reach the customer where Pearson’s reach has been limited. We will be marketing through events, and the important thing is to manage the event within the purview of the budgets that are allocated to me and my team”. The team gets together in the morning and plans for the day. A lot of time is also spent travelling around the Pearson school campus to understand the target audience and their locality in order to identify the venue for the event. The arrangements are meticulously managed by the team, and events are executed to perfection in the evening.

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“Jaipuria Institute of Management laid the foundation for my professional life. It turned me into an achiever; the placement with Deutsche Bank was the icing on the cake.”

It would not be out of place to say that Shefali Arora turned into a winner the day she entered Jaipuria Institute of Management. Crowned ‘Ms. Fresher’ of the 2007-09 batch – the memory of which still brings butterflies to her stomach – Shefali’s two years at Jaipuria Jaipur were studded with sterling performances, including numerous victories at inter-college festivals. Apart from being a core member for Jaipuria Institute of Management’s national management fest, Abhyudaya, Shefali was also on a number of committees; the most prominent were the Placement Cell and the Corporate Resource Centre. Shefali’s big break came when she cracked an on-campus placement with Deutsche Bank.

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“My experience in Jaipuria Jaipur is that, if you are enthused enough you will be rewarded with captivated attention in class.”

When Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur came into existence in 2006, the responsibility of turning it into a pulsating and lively centre of business education came upon a chosen few. Professor Swati Soni happened to be one of them. Six years down the line, all the passionate hardwork has paid off; Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur is the one of the most respected B-schools in Western India. It is this very passion for her job that transforms Professor Swati Soni’s classes intoa thrilling journey into the world of knowledge.

“I leave no pedagogical tool unexplored to get the point across to my students in Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur. It’s my constant endeavour to infuse creativity, inspiration and inquisitiveness intomy Marketing classes.”

Professor Soni is also the Programme Chairperson at Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur. Everything from scheduling, liaising with visiting faculty, communicating with students and their parents, and managing student affairs falls within the purview of her role.

She believes that satisfaction in her career has helped her maintaina work-life balance. She advises her students to read more, observe more, and be sensitive to people around them.

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Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur extends resources to rural learners

Parivartan, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) club of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur, in association with Gram Panchayat of Vidhani, organized an Education and Employment Consulting Workshop for students studying in standard VIII and above. This free workshop was held at the Government Secondary School Vimalpura, village Vidhani, and it’s aimed to educate students in rural areas about employment opportunities and making the right choices when it comes to a career path.

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