Director’s Message

I take pride in welcoming you to Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur.The institute provides a perfect setting for you to start your journey towards excellence. Right from day-one till your final placement, we are there with you in every step forward in your journey.

We have designed a curriculum which is in tune with the changing requirements of industry, society, and the world at large. It has been evolved through a process, full of rigour and highest benchmarking. Your classroom deliberation is facilitated by the faculty of high accomplishment in teaching and research. Your learning does not stop in the classroom anyway; in fact more of it takes place outside the classroom, extended to society, reaches to the industry doorsteps. You will experience a unique system of mentoring which will ensure that you grow well and add immense value.

You will have plenty of opportunity to learn through participating, watching, and doing. Your skills would get sharpened through hands-on work assignments, industry association, and opportunity to contribute and create of your own. Be assured that you will find us standing by your side in whatever way you are going learn for your better future.

When you become industry ready, companies would take pride in placing you. We will take pride in going hand-in-hand with you. Your parents will take pride in you and your achievements. You will take pride in being a student of Jaipuria-Jaipur.

It is this virtuous cycle of pride that we seek to create for you at Jaipuria-Jaipur!

Welcome Home!

Student Life

Influenced and inspired by people!

Himani Wadhwa is a prolific writer. She hails from Jaipur and did her graduation in Business Management from International College for Girls (ICG), Jaipur. Himani believes she has always been an HR person. She is influenced and inspired by people around her, she connects well and has over the years, developed a keen understanding of human behavior and psychology. In fact, this is where her stories and poetry originate from.

After her graduation, Himani joined PGDM at Jaipuria Jaipur. She is doing her final year and acquired the opportunity to intern with Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur, a five star hotel in Rajasthan. Her role was to assist her mentor in organizing Training & Development programs, analyzing group dynamics and maintaining relations.

Her future plans are to join advertising and media industry. She attributes her learning and success so far to her family and to Jaipuria faculty who supported her through the internship.

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From Jodhpur to Jaipur and now all set for hitting the ground running, Nikita Thomas bags the placement of her choice

Nikita Thomas, a spritely young girl from Jodhpur comes to Jaipuria, Jaipur to pursue her management dreams. She’s specializing in Human Resources and Marketing, and believes her stint at the B School has helped her overall personality. And it was that confidence and outgoing nature that made her standout in placement interviews for Mancer Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. So it wasn’t a surprise that she got hired as a Management Trainee with the reputed company, which she believes will be a major stepping stone for her career.

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Summer Internship

Student Deepak Meedha of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur is an entrepreneur by heart and is all set to get his dreams realised

Deepak Meedha, a current PGDM student of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur aspires to have his own event management company someday ‒ that is the motivation that pushes him to make the most out of his education and internship. Born and raised in Rajasthan, he opted for an MBA at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur, hoping to turn his dreams into reality. He has made steady progress so far, with the latest achievement being a Summer Internship Project with Pearson that includes a handsome stipend per month along with a work profile he wanted to. Obviously, Deepak is very excited about this opportunity: “I am looking forward to my SIP with Pearson that I have bagged after a stringent selection process. I believe self confidence, work experience and quick response helped me get this SIP. Of course, we are made to learn all these right from first day inside the classroom at Jaipuria. Every assignment subtly underlines the necessity of integrating confidence and spontaneity.” He further adds- “That this is a paid experience adds to its already huge value in my perspective! I am going to share my first pay with my family and am waiting to get started”.

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“Where other b-schools would’ve thought ‘we’ve placed this student; our responsibility is over’, Jaipuria Jaipur was actively concerned that i get the profile that i had initially targetted.”

Anil Hotchandani is just one of the numerous examples of the concern that Jaipuria Institute of Management has for the career of its alumni, even after they have passed out of the institute. Anil, who had been placed with Deutsche Bank through an on-campus placement, completed his PGDM from Jaipuria Jaipur on the 27th of March 2010. He joined the Deutsche Bank KPO in Jaipur two days later.

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“Jaipuria encourages practical application based learning”, informs Dr. S. K. Pandey

Dr S K Pandey is an Asst. Professor with the IT department of Jaipuria Jaipur. He has 10 years of teaching experience behind him and is a B.Sc., M.C.A., M.Tech. and PhD.(CS) holder. His first love has always been academics and he left his job in industry to teach in the IT department of University of Nepal. He moved from teaching engineering students to B-school education, which he thinks is his strength. Dr. Pandey teaches subjects like Information Technology for Managers, MIS, DBMS, E-Commerce and ERP/SAP. He is also often invited by faculty members from the HR, Marketing, Finance and Operations departments to cover parts of their courses pertaining to IT applications.

Believing in experiential learning, he ensures his classes are interactive, with active involvement from each of the students. He supports this pedagogy with practical applications and exposure to live projects. Dr. Pandey is also involved with organising workshops and seminars in his domain. Research has been a major part of Dr. Pandey’s academic career and he is working in the area of cloud computing, open source ERP and real time business analytics. He also holds many administrative responsibilities of the institute. He is the Chairperson – IT, Chairperson – Library, Chairperson – Committee on Administrative Matters (CAM), Chairperson – Students’ Coordination Committee (SCC), and Chairperson – Safety & Security and Housekeeping.

Dr. Pandey is an avid reader with interests ranging from fiction to biographies and autobiographies of successful people. He shares that Jaipuria has been the best platform for him so far, and has offered him an opportunity for multi-dimensional growth.

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First International MDP on Financial and Inventory Management held in Mumbai conducted by Jaipuria Jaipur

An International MDP for senior government officials of Bhutan was conducted on “Financial and Inventory Management” at Mumbai15-17 December 2014. It was done in collaboration with Institute of Management Studies, Bhutan.

The MDP covered various aspects on Financial and Inventory Management touching upon basics and shared the contemporary trends in the field which was well appreciated by the participants .The MDP was spread across three days .The first two days covered major aspects of Financial management. The day three had sessions on inventory management.

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