Director’s Message

I strongly believe in empowering faculty, staff and students, while charging them with responsibilities. When you take responsibility, you tend to own the outcome, Dr. Prabhat Pankaj, Director,

Dr. PrabhatPankaj is an eminent economist whose opinion is sought by newspapers and magazines like the Economic Times on a regular basis. His published works included 29 research papers, four books, and several conference papers.

“Teaching is a mission. Students are a great source of learning for faculty. It is not important what my experience with teaching has been; I always tend to look for what my students’ experience of my teaching has been like.”

A Post Graduate in Economics and a PhD in applied Economics, Dr. PrabhatPankaj has been teaching Economics in universities and B-schools across the globe for 22 years now. He has specialised training in Natural Resource and Environmental Economics from South Asia Network of Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE), and World Bank Institute (WBI). He has also worked as an Economic Consultant to the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Royal Government of Bhutan on WTO issues, and represented the Royal Government of Bhutan in the UNESCAP meeting on the Post-Cancun Agenda. He has carried out studies on poverty, inflation, environment and happiness measurement forUNDP, UNFPA, RIS and the Planning Commission. He is currently working on estimating the demand curve for the TajMahal from the international tourists’ ‘willingness-to-pay’ point of view.

“There is only one way to pursue quality and ensure proper functioning, and that is by empowering people. I strongly believe in empowering faculty, staff and students. I charge with taking responsibilities. When you take responsibility, you also tend to own the outcome. This is the essence of good governance, and that’s how we create second and third lines of leadershipatJaipuria Jaipur. This is how we transform our students into holistic human beings and efficient professionals witha high sense of caring for family, society and the environment.”


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Student Life

Foundation Day celebrated at Jaipuria Jaipur

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur celebrated the sixth Foundation Day. This special day was remembered with fondness and celebrated with a small function. This year, the celebration was extra special since it was just a day after the first annual Inter-college Sports Meet organised by Jaipuria Jaipur.

The PGDM students presented a skit on the occasion, showcasing the standard of education offered by the institution. There was also a dance performance by the students. The faculty, staff and the students enjoyed both the performances and the feeling of togetherness that the celebration brought.

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Jaipuria, Jaipur student, Krishna Kant Sharma, a small town boy, grabs the big opportunity of working with ICICI Securities

Whilst growing up in a small village outside Aligarh, Krishna Kant Sharma harboured big dreams. He wanted to pursue an MBA and get a foothold into the highly-competitive corporate world. He realised that this dream needed suitable support, which could only be provided by a reputable B-school in the country. That’s what made him decide on Jaipuria, Jaipur. Given his current status, it seems it was the best decision he could have made.

Today, Krishna Kant Sharma has embarked on his professional journey by bagging a job with ICICI Securities, and the world appears to be his oyester.

But Krishna remains well aware of the milestones of his journey, as well as the challenges he faced along the way. He reminiscences about his time at the institute, and says, “I can never forget those two years of my life. I had heard about Jaipuria Institute of Management, its four campuses and the centralised system it has. That made perfect sense to me. I also got a positive feedback about the institute from my elders. I realised that it could offer me many opportunities to build my personality and knowledge base. That’s the reason it was the only institute I considered for my PGDM,” he said.

And from day one, his learning experience was comprehensive and his growth tremendous, says Krishna. He thanks his faculty members at the institute who were always available to support, guide and motivate him through the program. He believes that the management concepts he learned at the institute will stay with him through his professional journey and the unique teaching methods will have a long-lasting impact.

Krishna’s summer internship with Amul Ice Cream in Jaipur was another exciting experience for him. He worked in the sales department and got a chance to see how the management concepts taught in theory were applied in a practical sense. Since he will also be working in sales with his new employers, he believes his SIP experience will be invaluable and enable him to make his mark.

Talking about his new role of a Senior Relationship Manager with ICICI Securities Krishna says, “My goal will be to meet the revenue target across a certain set of customers by mastering client relationship. I will also be responsible for providing solutions for customers by evaluating their financial needs. Preparing and maintaining sales calls reports and all relevant MIS will be another responsibility I will have to handle.”

Clearly, Krishna is well aware of the task at hand when he switches roles from being a management student to a professional. He believes this is an important transition for aspirants, and one that is facilitated by pursuing a professional degree program like he did. “The course I did from Jaipuria has huge relevance in today’s world. It is packed with many activities including presentations and role playing that develop students’ personalities and communication skills. These are important aspects of being a manager in the corporate world, and the program prepares you well for that,” he says. With the backing he’s received from his institute, Krishna has made a solid start in his professional journey. And this is only the beginning for the young man from a small village, who is ready to go places and make a lasting impact.

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Summer Internship

“My SIP gives me the opportunity to understand the dynamics of real corporate rigmaroles,”

“I just want to learn as much as I can, in this limited period of two months”, says Shubham Barthwal, PGDM Class of 2015, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur, who recently bagged a Summer Internship Project in Marketing and Event Management with Pearson. He is going to be attached with the marketing division during his internship, and will work on Pearson’s brand perception in the market through events specifically targeting children and their parents. Shubham explains the responsibilities of his position: “The objective is to reach the customer where Pearson’s reach has been limited. We will be marketing through events, and the important thing is to manage the event within the purview of the budgets that are allocated to me and my team”. The team gets together in the morning and plans for the day. A lot of time is also spent travelling around the Pearson school campus to understand the target audience and their locality in order to identify the venue for the event. The arrangements are meticulously managed by the team, and events are executed to perfection in the evening.

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“I owe a lot to professor Vijayvargay and professor garg of Jaipuria Institute of management Jaipur. They prepared me exhaustively for the bank of Baroda interviews.”

Vyom Gupta passed out of Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur in June 2012. Placed on campus at Jaipuria Jaipur with the Bank of Baroda, Vyom is currently placed at Jodhpur (Main Branch).

“The most important and enjoyable part of my job is dealing with NRI customers, and verifying various types of transactions entered by the clerical stafflike passing ofCheques and opening of new accounts. Since I’m one of the young faces in the branch, many of the customers approach me even if the query does not relate to my department. I try my best to get their job done, without stepping on anybody’s toes. This has earned me goodwill with the customers, and appreciation from my superiors.”

Vyom’s teachers at Jaipuria Institute of Management recall him as soft-spoken, yet someone with very high moral values, with the ability to call a spade a spade. In all likelihood, the recruiters found his forthright honesty a desirable trait in a Finance Manager in Bank of Baroda.

“I owe a lot to my Faculty at Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur, especially Professor Lokesh Vijayvargay and Professor S.P.Garg. After failing to clear ITC and Indian Bank, I could’ve easily fallen prey to disappointment, but both of them did not let me give up. They kept me pepped up and prepared me exhaustively for the Bank of Baroda interviews. They kept on harping that the profile offered by Bank of Baroda would be custom-fit for me.”

Vyom Gupta believes that his relationship with Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur has grown stronger after passing out, as he has begun to see the logic in many of its practices. He is confident that once he has learnt the tricks of his trade he will make Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur proud.

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“Jaipuria encourages practical application based learning”, informs Dr. S. K. Pandey

Dr S K Pandey is an Asst. Professor with the IT department of Jaipuria Jaipur. He has 10 years of teaching experience behind him and is a B.Sc., M.C.A., M.Tech. and PhD.(CS) holder. His first love has always been academics and he left his job in industry to teach in the IT department of University of Nepal. He moved from teaching engineering students to B-school education, which he thinks is his strength. Dr. Pandey teaches subjects like Information Technology for Managers, MIS, DBMS, E-Commerce and ERP/SAP. He is also often invited by faculty members from the HR, Marketing, Finance and Operations departments to cover parts of their courses pertaining to IT applications.

Believing in experiential learning, he ensures his classes are interactive, with active involvement from each of the students. He supports this pedagogy with practical applications and exposure to live projects. Dr. Pandey is also involved with organising workshops and seminars in his domain. Research has been a major part of Dr. Pandey’s academic career and he is working in the area of cloud computing, open source ERP and real time business analytics. He also holds many administrative responsibilities of the institute. He is the Chairperson – IT, Chairperson – Library, Chairperson – Committee on Administrative Matters (CAM), Chairperson – Students’ Coordination Committee (SCC), and Chairperson – Safety & Security and Housekeeping.

Dr. Pandey is an avid reader with interests ranging from fiction to biographies and autobiographies of successful people. He shares that Jaipuria has been the best platform for him so far, and has offered him an opportunity for multi-dimensional growth.

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Padamshri Limba Ram Indian Archer, Olympic Athlete flags off the National Sports Meet at Jaipuria Jaipur

In today’s time when life has become so stressful, sports and games have just not become a getaway for recreation, but it also has imparted values like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, team building skills and accountability. This is exactly what the Second National Sports Meet held at Jaipuria, Jaipur on 7-8 September 2013, has left behind for each and every one.

PadamshriLimba Ram Indian Archer, Olympic Athlete addressed the inaugural ceremony of second national sports meet on Sept. 7, 2013.

He said Sports is such an activity which paves the path and gives crucial lessons for life. One should possess confidence, discipline, unity, humility and finally spiritual power which are the base of successful life. He then emphasized that if a person from village can be an International player through hard work and determination, today’s youth can reach this ladder at a very fast pace as they are a quite privileged in each and every sense. Lastly he reiterated that obedience is the key determinant to success.

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