“A teacher should not only encourage students to participate, but should give them the confidence to come to the forefront and lead.”

It’s hardly a surprise that Professor Sainy, who has taught marketing and brand management extensively, understood the current trend in educational methods early on. “The learning environment has changed from being teacher-centric to student-centric,” she believes, “and a teacher should not only encourage students to participate, but should give them the confidence to come to the forefront and lead.”

Assistant Professor at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore, Prof Sainy’s credentials are impressive. She holds a Ph.D from Vikram Ujjain University (M.P) on ‘The Effect of Service Quality on Customer Loyalty in Retail Outlets.’ Over the past 9 years, her classes have included marketing management, consumer behavior, rural marketing and branding.

Professor Sainy finds that Jaipuria Institute gives her “immense opportunities for growth both as a teacher and researcher”. She mixes theoretical inputs with industry examples in class discussions. This strategy, she feels, keeps both herself and her class motivated.

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Director’s Message

Welcome to Jaipuria Indore!

Nestled in the picturesque setting of Malwa plateau, amidst green surrounding, the sprawling campus of Jaipuria Indore provides a perfect ambience for learning and development. The institute was set up to groom managers of tomorrow, ready for business and management in digital era.

The institute boasts of an excellent learning infrastructure in terms of modern class rooms equipped with latest learning gadgets, rich library, IT lab and a strong team of faculty endowed with academic accolades and achievement in industry and business.

Institutionalizing a number of initiatives in partnership with industry, the institute has established strong linkages with the business and industry in its neighborhood. The course curriculum of the institute focuses on concepts and competencies sought after by the corporate world.

The buzz here is ‘co-creation’. Faculty and students partner and collaborate to plan and execute curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular and career related activities. The pedagogical innovations and the learner centric approach create a learning environment that stimulates young minds to challenge traditional assumptions and think out of box. I invite you to join our business incubator, transform yourself and be ready for opportunities for tomorrow!!

Industry Interface

Jaipuria Indore explores the link between spirituality and management with famed author achal rangaswamy

In its continuous mission to bring a wide spectrum of opinions and perspectives to its student managers, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore invited Achal Rangaswamy, the celebrated author of books like ‘Beyond the Uncharted Landscape’ and ‘Time is Money’, on the 1st of September 2012. With his trademark wit, Achal Rangaswamy brought in a profound perspective to management in his address to the audience at Jaipuria Indore.

“When I passed out of St. Stephen’s college in New Delhi, I just wanted to ride a ‘Bullet’. I went about asking people, ‘Will you give me a Bullet to ride?’ till a British guy – the sales head of a multinational company – said ‘I will give you a Bullet, but you’ll have to work!’ The deal thus struck, he gave me a Bullet to ride, a salary of Rs. 200 per month, and an assignment in the interiors of Rajasthan. I met all kinds of people, visited many places and enjoyed my work as well. I did 200,000 kms on that Bullet.”

Achal Rangaswamy has captured his 33 years of rich work experience – 22 of them as the Head of Sales and Marketing – in a book titled ‘Beyond the Uncharted Landscape’.

“Had I named my book conventionally, I would’ve actually called it ‘What Indian B-Schools Need to Teach’. This book is co-published with the Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry. They felt that despite being a management book, it has a highly spiritual current’.

Achal Rangaswamy strongly believes that Sales or Marketing Heads today focus too much on their watch, laptop or mobile. He asserts that this is not how leaders behave; leadership is not about demonstrating how much you can do by yourself, it’s about motivating and overseeing others to get the job done.

“A company is like a machine, and a leader is a component of it just like many others. It is not ‘where’ you are in the organisation, but ‘what’ you are to the organisation that matters; and once you realise this, you will give your best.”
Achal encouraged the youngsters of Jaipuria Indore to always follow the calling of their heart.

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Jaipuria’s IMP – Chisel teams carve out some glowing reports.

Jaipuria Institute of Management students participating in the Industry Mentorship Program (IMP – Chisel) have carved out an excellent name for themselves among employers.

Under the IMP – Chisel program, students interact directly with industry, working on live projects for about 15 days per trimester along with peer, industry and faculty mentors.

This direct hands-on experience in industry allows students to put their classroom learning to the test with practical experience, helping turn them into management professionals.

Four businesses which recently took on Jaipuria students under the IMP – Chisel program had nothing but good to say about the experience.

Sayaji Hotels Limited, which operates a restaurant called Kebabsville, asked students to tackle the problem it faced with customer wait times.

Kebabsville has a seating capacity of around 200, but during weekends the traffic increases greatly and because seating can’t be increased due to space constraints, the average waiting period for customers grows.

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Student Life

NishchayJamwale, Technical Account Manager,, is confident that with the sound grooming from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore, he will rise to the topwiththe biggest online retailer in the world

Jaipuria Institute of Management Indore’s very first batch has a student – NishchayJamwale – who has cracked one of the most lucrative placements globally; that of a Technical Account Manager with

“The placement at was off-campus; I had applied on my own. I went through fiverounds of interviews, including the aptitude test and psychometric tests. The learning in the placement month helped me a lot, because the interviews at are very tough to crack. Of 300 applicants shortlisted for the interview, only 2 made it. Being one of the chosentwo makes me very proud. The credit definitelygoes to the placement teamat Jaipuria. Day in and day out, we received notifications about new jobs and guidelines for cracking the interviews.”

For fiveyears prior to joining Jaipuria, Indore, Nishchay had been teaching various forms of Indian and international dance styles at ‘Twist N Turns Fitness and Dance Studios’ in Hyderabad. He also had a 3-year stint with Genpact.

“When I joined Jaipuria Indore, it was with the dream of beingpart of a prominent corporate house in a metropolitan city in a managerial position, travelling the world to strike deals during the day… and learning the local forms of dance in the evening.Thanks to Jaipuria Indore, my dream is quickly turning into a reality.”

Nishchay had been a part of numerous extra-curricular activities at Jaipuria Indore, like National Business Olympiad (in association with IIM A), Encore 2, My FM’s ‘EkRupiyaAbhiyan’to raise funds for underprivileged children, and ofcourse numerous ‘Jaipuria’s Got Talent’ cultural nights, under ‘Milan’ (Jaipuria’s all-campus meet).

NishchayJamwale is confident that with his sound grooming, he will rise to the very zenith of

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Chandrakant Lovanshi, from Khandwa, M.P., lands a job with Capital IQ, Hyderabad and finds a foothold in his dream sector

“I was looking for an organization in the field of Research & Analysis. When I heard Capital IQ was coming for campus placement, I applied immediately because finance sector is exactly where I want to start it all from,” says Chandrakant Lovanshi. This headstrong PGDM student from Jaipuria, Indore chased his dream with gusto and managed to bag a job as a Junior Research Associate with the Hyderabad based company.

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The sentiment of ‘giving back to the country’ dominates republic day celebrations at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore

Jaipuria family celebrated India’s 64th Republic Day on The 26th of January 2013 at Jaipuria Indore with characteristic enthusiasm.

The tricolour was unfurled by Dr. J. P. Upadhyay, Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore, on the college campus and the entire congregation of students, staff, faculty and management sang the national anthem in unison. Sweets were distributed amidst joyous fervour. Jaipuria institute had invited the children of the Dakachiya village as special guests for the occasion. Mr. Saumya Roy, who has varied experiences in the field of defence services, banks, educational institutions, NGO’s and theatre, was the Chief Guest. He reminded the future managers that the issues, achievements and failures of India are the issues, achievements and failures of its people.

“Grow, and bring the change, that you want to see around you, within yourselves,” Mr. Saumya Roy exhorted the students of Jaipuria Indore. “Study, go abroad and do well; but return to your country and feel responsible for it.”

Dr. J. P.Upadhyay used the beautiful contrast between the Dead Sea and its neighbouring Galileo Island, to eloquently described how ‘giving’ is directly connected to ‘life’.

“The River Jordan feeds the Dead Sea – where nothing grows – as well as Galileo – a haven for life, where organisms and plants of the rarest form flourish. Galileo shares what it has, and that adds to its prosperity; while the Dead Sea has no vent to further percolate the water that it receives. Without ‘giving’, the water mass in the Dead Sea has truly become ‘Dead’. Give back to your country and make it flourish.”

In their own turn, faculty members like Prof. Nitin Merh, Prof. Kanak Gupta, Prof. Jagdish Bhagwat, and Prof. Romi Sainy spoke inspiringly to the students of Jaipuria, Indore.

Abhishek Singh, Aditi Sharma and Sanchayika Choudhary were the students from Jaipuria Indore, who expressed how ‘Gen Y’ feels about the nation.

This was followed by an open house debate on the motion – ‘Republic Day is Merely a Symbolic Holiday for Gen Y’. It brought out with soul-searching clarity how ‘Gen Y’ has realised its casual attitude towards its country. Many spoke for the motion with stark honesty, accepting their ignorance and apathy towards the importance of the day, and India’s uphill climb to its present position.
The 64th Republic Day gave Jaipuria Indore family renewed vigour to be vigilant against corruption, respect the women of the country, and protect and prepare the children for the future, while also taking care of the aged.

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