Student Clubs & Committees


  • Niche (Marketing Club)
  • I-TechCloud (IT Club)
  • Sadbhav (Spirituality & Human Values Club)
  • Number Crunches (Economics & Finance Club)
  • Concern (HR Club)
  • Desert Devils (Sports Club)
  • Prayas (Entrepreneurship Cell)
  • Parivartan (CSR Cell)
  • Ehsaas (Art, Literature, Culture, Debate and Theatre Club)
  • M R C (Media Relations Club)

Committees under Student Council

  • Academic Program Committee
  • Corporate Relations Committee
  • Placements Committee
  • Conferences & Events Committee
  • Social Responsibility Committee
  • Media, Public Relations & IT Committee
  • Admissions Committee
  • Alumni Committee
  • International Relations Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Extra-Curricular Committee
  • Student Welfare & Disciplinary Committee
  • Entrepreneurial & Innovation Cell
  • Decoration Committee

Student Clubs

This club works in disseminating better understanding of finance in simpler terms and updating current financial trends through a newsletter. The number crunchers of Jaipuria tries to take the students to the doorsteps of the professional world; be it via Capstone Business Simulation, or Manthan – an online stock trading game, helping hone the skills of future investment bankers and portfolio analysts.

Instilling passion for marketing among the students, making them understand that marketing is a way of life, an orientation and a philosophy. Introducing them to the wonderful world of Networking and also providing opportunities for the students of Jaipuria Jaipur to unleash their creativity and enhance their marketing quotient are also some of the aspects that the club inquires upon. This is the club that teaches students on campus and instills among them the spirit of ‘Walk the Talk’. A club that is prides on the celebration of life with loads of fun and learning.

“Concern”- the HR club endeavors to inculcate interest in Human Resource related activities among students. Here we believe that the need of the hour is to use the HR concepts in real life situations. The club would also be organizing activities to develop interpersonal skills, necessary to survive in the corporate world. The club is actively run by students and encourages them to participate, arrange and organize the events successfully. The club activities also focus on developing team spirit among the students.

The current world is not alone. There is the physical address and then there is the virtual address. Digital world and communication is rolling juggernaut consuming every element of our life with its presence and hence imperative for the managers of tomorrow. With this in mind geeky students and faculty on campus from Jaipuria Jaipur join hands together and impart and discuss their knowledge and understanding of the wired world. Whether it is search engines, micro-blogging sites, Skype, to social media engines,further to Digital Marketing, retail,Cloud computing to Web 2.0 life begins here, where others fear to tread.Virtual life is their real identity.

Desert Devils sports association is a club from Jaipuria Jaipur for the purpose of sports participation internally and externally. It promotes and provides opportunities for groups and individuals to become more involved in sport and physical activity. The sports facilities at the club include Badminton, Table Tennis, Health Centre, Cricket, Volleyball, Chess, Gymnastics, etc. All sport programs are designed to maximize participation from all sections of the student community and provide pathways that enable maximization of sporting abilities, aspirations and potential.

Ehsaas means ‘Realization’ and that is how we celebrate the ability, traditional mores and harmonious nature of our students. This art, culture, & music club rejoices in the extra-curricular development of students and brings out the hidden talents of among them; cajoling to participate in the internal festivities as well as external competitions across the country. The primary objective is to help students move out of their comfort zones and drop their inhibitions. SPIC MACAY also is an integral component of this club. It stands for “Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth”. It seeks to conserve and promote an awareness of India’s rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry amongst the students through focus on the classical arts, with their attendant legends, rituals, mythology and philosophy and to facilitate an awareness of their deeper and subtler values amongst them.

Throughout history entrepreneurs have transformed society by generating innovative ideas and implementing them pragmatically. The Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) at the Institute in association with National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) promotes entrepreneurial initiative amongst students and is named ‘Prayaas’. E- Cell aims at manifesting the latent entrepreneurial spirit and motivating students to start-up their own enterprise instead of looking for jobs. E-Cell at Jaipuria Jaipur organizes various activities all round the year to promote entrepreneurial orientation and culture among the student community.

Abhivyakti the promotionalclub from aimed at building brand ‘Jaipuria’ in the marketplace. It initiates variety of activities including presentations, events, sponsorship and other campus based initiatives. The main objective is to ensure top of the mind recall for the brand ‘Jaipuria’.

Persona is our façade to the world. Soft skills and personality helps an individual to succeed. One need to keep oneself abreast with the latest developments economic, business, political etc. Inquest is a step towards helping Jaipuria Jaipur students succeed in professional world through complete development of personality be it newspaper analysis, debates, eminent personalities delivering guest lectures, workshops on personality development etc. The idea is to enable the students to participate in literary and creative events throughout the year.

Jaipuria Jaipur cultivate and nurture dreams of the students, and assist them in transmission of knowledge and skills and develop reflective practice. Industry personnel and faculty members offers students a mentoring environment, and sustainable through process which provides them with an opportunity to achieve academic success and healthy development of themselves. Dreams and ideas get exchanged and celebrated throughout the year. This clinic has helped students to work in variety of settings, integration of theory into practice, and holistic career development.

Jaipuria Jaipur’s Acumen is a bi-weekly speaker series that brings creative and innovative leaders from technology, corporate, education, and finance to share their thoughts, opinions and insights with future managers. These sessions help in the transferring of knowledge, skills and overall personality development.