Overlook the importance of Business Communication at your own peril- a session at Jaipuria, Indore highlighting the value of the subject

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bc 5 3Knowledge of management concepts builds a strong foundation for future managers. With practical training they get insights into the corporate world. But if they struggle with Business Communications, they cannot express their ideas and impress. To focus on this key aspect of overall grooming of managers, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore organized a session on Business Communication on 23rd September. Facilitated by Dr. Charu Dubey, Faculty of Business Communication, the session brought together renowned names from Piramal Enterprises Limited and led to an interesting discussion.

unnamedMr. Debashish Chakravorty, Vice President and Site Head, Mr. Kiran Garikwad, Head – Quality, Mr. Virendra Sogani, Head – Production, Mr. Anil Jaiswal, Head – HR, and Ms. Shilpy Singh, Senior Manager – Quality and Regulatory, participated in the session and shared their ideas on the topic. Debashish helmed the session and began by introducing the concept of ‘Personal and Professional Success’. The speakers highlighted attributes like ethics, communication skills, leadership skills, listening skills, character, personality, creative co-operation and empathy as the ingredients in the recipe to success.

The talk further went around ‘The Key for Successful living’. The speakers marked the difference between character ethics and personality ethics, and Debashish, in particular added, “Without strong character ethic you cannot go far in life merely by focusing on personality. While it is good to think positive and believe in oneself, a strong base of having a good character and values such as integrity and patience is crucial. Without it you cannot achieve much in the long run.” As he had the audience focused on every word he was saying, he took the moment to remind them of the importance of listening skills, another valuable attribute for future managers.

The session got even more interesting with the introduction of the concept of Prioritization Matrix. It has four quadrants; important-urgent, important-not urgent, not important-urgent, not important-not urgent. The session also helped students understand concepts like Emotional Bank Account (EBA) and Production Capacity. The speakers made use of graphs and other smart techniques to keep things relatable for students. The session ended with three important takeaways, “Intentions are more important than ability. Life is a journey and not a fixed destination. You should seek fulfillment and not success.”

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