Moving states takes Kaveri Goswami of Jaipuria, Lucknow on a journey of self-discovery

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When Kaberi Goswami left her home in the serene state of Assam, she knew that she was leaving her comfort zone way behind. However she is of the opinion that getting an education in a worldly setup is more important than holding on to emotional bonds. That’s why she was prepared to go the distance with Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, which she calls her home today. Here she tells us how the geographical shift has offered her life lessons that will stay with her forever.

Initial inhibitions

Kaberi, a B.Com Honors graduate was always aware that to reach her career goals she would have to pursue her PGDM from a renowned institute. Jaipuria, Lucknow’s reputation drew her to the B School but of course she had to battle her inhibitions and fears as she made the journey across the country. “Initially I was worried about the cultural barriers, which can get quite overwhelming. But I was certain that I was not going to let it get in my way of getting world class education,” she says.

Home is where your heart is

Studying in a fairly alien environment can be a taxing experience for any student. But Kaberi confirms that things never really got threateningly challenging for her because of the warm welcome she received at Jaipuria, Lucknow. “Everyone has been very welcoming from Day 1. I have always had the support of my friends and faculty members. In fact, the environment at the hostel is very homely and there is a constant sharing, exchanging of ideas, which is enriching,” she adds.

Learning through experiences of fellow students

Jaipuria, Lucknow is home to many students like Kaberi who have come here from different parts of the country. She believes that their diverse backgrounds ensure that students learn from each other and understand different perspectives. “I would rate the peer learning experience at the institute as 4 on 5. There is a lot of healthy competition in the classroom, which helped me gain knowledge. Jaipuria, Lucknow is a brilliant platform to learn and grow through experiences of your peers,” she says thoughtfully.

Personal gains from the geographical shift

Kaberi is a shining example of Regional Diversity at Jaipuria Institute of Management. She took the first step by moving to Lucknow and the B School became her window to the world of opportunities. Through them she has learned, grown and come into her own. She talks about the transformation as she concludes, “Today I am more knowledgeable of different cultures. I have gained in confidence and become more adaptable. I can also handle stress a lot better and believe am on the right path in my professional and personal journey.”