Changes in Technology are not happening in isolation

It is now largely understood that the world cannot afford to keep Education, Employment, and Empowerment of ever rising youth population into different watertight compartments. They are highly and synergistically related to each other. They reinforce as well as depend on each other. Today we are on the verge of Fourth Industrial Revolution and profound technological changes are knocking at the door. These changes have already started shaping the spheres of education, employment, and citizenship in the economy, affecting the lives of millions. Pressing problems of society, economy, and individuals are in want of smart systems and solutions—right from home to factory, farm, cities, and interpersonal accord. There is a phenomenal rise in shared economy and realization of ‘shared value’. It is unlikely that the patters of consumption, production, and employment will not see a major shift. It is also unlikely that these big changes will not come with challenges for individuals, institutions, industry, and government. Changes in technology is not happening in isolation. There is a concurrent structural changes taking shape in socio-economic, geopolitical, demographic, and political landscape. All these drivers of change are interacting in multiple directions and reinforcing each other. It is rather critical that businesses take proactive role in training and re-training of current workforce and join hands with academics. It is equally important that academics make paradigm shift in educational system and delivery in order to cater to the needs of business and economy. Government needs to come forward and create enabling environment and forge partnership. This poses a big question of how the alignment of education, employment, and empowerment of young population should take place. How educational institutions, industries, and government should react and prepare for
these changes.

It is in this backdrop, the ​ 5th International Conference Youth 2025 is focusing on the theme of ​ “Harmonising Education, Employment, and Empowerment: Role & Strategy for Academics, Business, and Government”. The overall aim of the conference is to bring together academics, industry, experts, and policy makers on a single platform to discuss the current scenario, share best practices, set future direction, and suggest strategy and policies towards alignment of education, employment, and empowerment for youth population.

Current Scenario and Future Direction

Demand and supply of education; Economics of education; Financing of education; Future of jobs; Linking education and employment; Skill and employability building; Education and empowerment; Education and gender; Education and Citizenship; Regulatory environment and education policy; Future of management education; Academia-industry partnership models; Student-centric education system; Lifelong learning; Social, moral, environmental connect of education; Non-formal education; Student engagement and learning; Digital and online education; Pedagogical innovation; Outcome based education system; Role of accreditation; Globalization of education and employment; Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

International Experience & Country Studies

Papers dealing with country studies and education systems around the world are invited in this track.

Case Studies and Best Practices

Papers dealing with case studies and best practices in the field of education system, pedagogy, academia-industry partnership, lifelong learning, and student engagement are particularly invited in this track.